Make 2D Games with Ruby and Gosu – Part 5: Automate Test Runs with Guard RSpec

In this video we’ll look at how have our tests automatically run as we make changes to either our code under test or our specs. This is incredibly useful for speeding up the development cycle by getting instant feedback on changes. We’ll also fix some problems with deprecated syntax in our tests.

In this video we’ll be looking at how to add a build status badge to the project. We’ll do this by using Codeship to automatically run our tests every time we push code to our repository, and showing the status of our master branch on our Github We’ll also be looking at how to open a pull request on Github and merge changes into our master branch once our feature branch build succeeds.

All the code for this tutorial is available on my Github account. I’ll be trying to keep a reasonable commit history if you wish to step through the project history.





SFC30 (Super Famicom) controller: