Podcast of The Witness

Episode 2 - Card In this Episode I discuss The Witness, Braid and how the two games do or do not exemplify the principles Jonathan Blow has given numerous talks about. I go into a little background on Jonathan Blow as a game creator and programmer, and some of his ideas on game design.

At the end I share some thoughts on following the seven year development process, what I learned about making games, and some strategies Jonathan Blow used for reducing risk when working on a game.

Show Notes


  • Introduction
  • Spoiler warning
  • Jonathan Blow
  • Jonathan Blow talks
  • Principles
  • Braid - the principles
  • The Witness - high-level thoughts
  • The Witness - the principles applied
  • The Witness - what didn't work for me
  • Jonathan Blow - thoughts on making games
  • A plea for simplicity for game designers